The batteries were given out free of charge.

University Grads!

The MSU graduate with a Science
degree asks, "Why does it work?"

iWon Sports My Way!

The NCSU graduate with an Engineering
degree asks, "How does it work?"

University of Georgia

The UGA graduate with an Accounting
degree asks, "How much will it cost?"

iWon Sports My Way!

A UNC graduate with an Arts degree
asks, "Do you want fries with that?"

We're 'T&H':


A husband and wife had 
a human cannonball act 
in the circus.

One day the wife ran off 

with the lion tamer. The 
husband was extremely 
dejected. The strong man 
asked him what he was 
going to do.

The husband answered, 

"This is a disaster. I don't 
know where I'm going to 
find another woman of 
her caliber."

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All Time Box Office - Adjusted For Inflation!


An Important UNC Question!

Q: Why did the UNC student bake 
a turkey for 3 and a half days?

A: It said cook it for half an hour 

per pound, and she weighed 125.

We're 'T&H':

UNC In Yankee Land!


A UNC football player was visiting 
a Yankee relative in Boston over 
the holidays. He went to a large 
party and met a pretty co-ed. 

He was attempting to start up 
a conversation with the line, 
"Where do you go to school?"

"Yale," she replied.

The UNC student took a big, 

deep breath and shouted,

We're 'T&H':

Medieval Dictation!

We're 'T&H':

Where Is My Son?

My son in happier times...  T3H7P12H

"Oh, No!" I gasped as I surveyed the 
disaster before me. Never in my 50+ 
 years of life had I seen anything like it.

How anyone could have survived I did 
not know. I could only hope that some-
where amid the overwhelming de -
struction I would find my 13-year-old 
son. Only the slim hope of finding Ben 
kept me from turning and fleeing the
scene. I took a deep breath and pro-

Walking was virtually impossible with 
so many things strewn across my path 
but I moved ahead slowly.

"Ben! Ben!" I whispered to myself. 

I tripped and almost fell several times. 
I heard someone, or something, move.
At least I thought I did. Perhaps, I was 
just hoping beyond hope. I just shook 
my head and felt my gut tighten. 
I couldn't understand how this could 
have happened.

There was some light but not enough 

to see very much. Something cold and 
wet brushed against my hand. I jerked 
it away. In desperation, I took another 
step then cried out, "Ben!" 

From a nearby pile of unidentified 
material, I heard my son. "Yes, Dad," 
He said, in a voice so weak it could 
hardly be heard. "It's time to get up 
and get ready for school," I sighed, 
"and, for heaven's sake, clean up 
this room."

Thursday's Humor Cartoons!

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To write with a broken pencil is pointless.

Important Doctor's Appointment!

A man goes to the doctor 
and tells him that he hasn't 
been feeling well. The doctor
examines him, leaves the room 
and comes back with three different...

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Classe Médicale D'Université!

UNC Medical Class

The UNC medical student was shocked 
when he received a failing grade in 
radiology. Approaching the professor, 
he demanded to know the reason for 
the grade.

"You know the self X-ray you took?" 
asked the professor. "I do."

"A fine picture," he said, "of your lungs, 

stomach, and liver."

"If it's a fine picture, then why did you 

give me an F?" "I had no choice," said 
the professor. "You didn't put your 
heart into it."

Twee Dwaze Meisjes!

Two UNC students named Trish 
and Tina were walking down the 

Trish noticed a compact on the 

sidewalk  and leaned down to 
pick it up.

She opened it, looked in the 

mirror, and said, "Hmmm, 
this person looks familiar."

Tina said, "Let me look!" So 

Trish handed her the compact.

Tina looked in the mirror then 

turned to Trish. "You silly girl... 
that's *me*!


How many of the following Sports 
Words do you know?

1. diamond n. - playing field for A: volleyball, B: baseball,
C: rugby, D: croquet

2. riparian adj. - related to A: horses, B: riverbanks,
C: religious beliefs, D: hunting

3. peripatetic adj. - A: walking about, B: worried, C: float-
ing, D: feathered.

4. rally n. - A: exchange of strokes, B: loss, C: victory,
D: audition

5. groin n. - A: hiking stick, B: golf score, C: sea wall,
D: mortar

6. divot n. - A: interruption, B: piece of turf, C: hook,
D: ball

7. tack v. - A: to change course, B: repeat, C: agitate,
D: assault

8. copse (COPS) n. - A: racecourse, B: remnant, C: stream,
D: thicket of trees

9. equestrian adj. relating to A: horses, B: birds, C: travel,
D: water sports

10. sylvan (SIL vun) adj. - A: shiny, B: imagined, C: in the
woods, D: underwater

11. pristine adj. - A: fussy, B: worn, C: dangerous,
D: unspoiled

12. hitch n. - type of A: golf club, B: knot, C: all-terrain
vehicle, D: fishing rod

13. escarpment n. - A: neck warmer, B: deer trail, C: steep
slope, D: boot

14. love n. - tennis score that is A: zero, B: winning,
C: tied, D: record setting

15. strike v. A: to set up, B: fly, C: take down, D: sink

16. torrid adj. - A: crabby, B: fast, C: scorched, D: humid

17. riffle n. - A: valley, B: curve, C: shoal in a stream,
D: artifact

18. tributary n. - a stream that A: dries up, B: feeds into
a larger one, C: remains underground, D: allows navigation

19. trough (TRAWF) n. - A: shallow depression, B: mound,
C: turbulent area, D: tangle of branches

20. natant adj. - A: floating or swimming, B: hidden,
C: just born, D: green

*Answers are located in "comments"
for your convenience & felicity.

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A Letter To Friends!

Dearest Friends,

Here's how it will end (perhaps very soon):

I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, 

coming down out of heaven from God, 
prepared as a bride, beautifully dressed 
for her husband. And I heard a loud voice 
from the throne saying, "Now the dwelling 
of God is with men, and He will live with 
them. They will be His people, and God 
Himself will be with them and be their 
God. He will wipe every tear from their 
eyes. There will be no more death or 
mourning or crying or pain, for the old 
order of thing has passed away.

Sincerely Yours,

How's That Again???

"Hey Benny," said Lou, 
"I just bought me a brand 
new hearing aide. It cost 
me $4,000, and it's state 
of the art."

"That right?" answered Ben. 

"What kind is it?"


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Wednesday's Humor Cartoons!

We're 'T&H':

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