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Today Is Aug. 31!

Today is Aug. 31 (8.31.14)! And you know what that means! August is over! Then September & Autumn! October is less than a Month & a day away! Christmas is less than 4 months away! Then it's 2015! Time is flying! Before we know it, we'll all be living in the future!

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Prof Howdy (spurious or pseudonym?) wrote his first 'Thought & Humor' on July 26,1997 when he e-mailed a few friends a bit of humor. Soon the mailing list grew to over 3 million but to stay abridge with emerging technology, the Professor restationed 'T&H' to his Blogs which have been read in every country by over 9 million people (see Blog Counter).

Prof Howdy may be found not only on his Blogs (be sure & signup for a daily e-mail reminder - top right column) as well as Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo, Facebook Groups & YouTube.

At this very moment, scientist around the world are attempting to ascertain the reasons why 'T&H' is so popular with beautiful women. 

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Top 19 Rejected International Sports Team Names:

19. Brussels Sprouts
18. Cannes Openers
17. Amsterdam Yankees
16. Vienna Sausages
15. Belgium Waffles
14. Manila Folders
13. Czech Bouncers
12. New Dehli Catessans
11. Buenos Airheads
10. Guadalajara Krishnas
9. Iraqi Raccoons
8. Bolivia DeHavillands
7. Seoul Brothers
6. Taipei Personalities
5. Syria Killers
4. Hungary Jacks
3. Dublin Mint Twins
2. Prague Tologists
1. Peking Toms

A Traveling UNC Grad!

A UNC grad traveling through 
the prairies of Colorado stopped 
at a small town and went to a cafe. 
He stood at the end of the bar, 
ordered a coke, and lit up a cigar.

As he sipped his coke, he stood 
there quietly blowing smoke rings. 

After he blew nine or ten

smoke rings into the air, 
an angry American Indian 
stomped up to him and said, 
"One more remark like that 
and I'll bust you in the chops!"

We're 'T&H':

UNC World Traveler!

'Professor Howdy of 'Thought & Humor with UNC Jokes

As the plane was flying low over some 
hills near Athens, a UNC student asked 
the stewardess: "What's that stuff all 
over those hills?"

"Just snow," replied the stewardess.

"That's what I thought," said the student, 

"but this fellow in front of me said it was 


Best if read out loud to an intelligent group:

Waitress: Hawaii, Mister? You must be Hungary.

Gent: Yes, Siam. And I can't Rumania long, either. Venice
lunch ready?

Waitress: I'll Russia table. What are you Ghana Havre?

Gent: You want Tibet? I prefer Turkey. Can Jamaica cook
step on the Gaza bit?

Waitress: Odessa laugh! Alaska, but listen for her Wales.

Gent: I'm not Balkan. Just put a Cuba sugar in my Java.

Waitress: Don't you be Sicily, big boy. Sweden it yourself.
I'm only here to Serbia.

Gent: Denmark my check and call the Bosphorus, Egypt me.
There's an Eire. I hope he'll Kenya. I don't Bolivia know
who I am!

Waitress: Canada noise! I don't Caribbean. You sure Ararat!

Gent: Samoa your wisecracks? What's got India? D'you think
this arguing Alps business? Why be so Chile? Be Nice!

Waitress: Don't Kiev me that Boulogne! Alemain do! Spain in
the neck. Pay your Czech and don't Kuwait. Ayssinia!

Gent (to himself): I'll come back with my France and Taiwan
on Zanzibar is open.

We're 'T&H':


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Newly learned words can carry you
to greater heights of understanding.
following terms are drawn from
news of economic
opened up by recent world changes.

Select the answers you think are correct.

1. ethic (n.) - A: standard of behavior. B: racial group.
C: precision. D: reliability.

2. plague (v.) - A: to surround. B: harass. C: implore.
D: look on the dark side.

3. battery (n.) - A: forceful protest. B: hodgepodge accum-
ulation. C: group of similar objects. D: encirclement.

4. renege (v.) - A: to snub. B: play the maverick. C: take
control. D: back out.

5. fait accompli (n.) - A: sophisticated approach. B: well-
planned action. C: finishing touch. D: accomplished fact.

6. stagflation (n.) - A: controlled pieces. B: economic
slowdown. C: a disintegrating government. D: cultural dull-

7. scuttle (v.) - A: to tease. B: abandon. C: pile up.
D: gossip.

8. procure (v.) - A: to obtain. B: soothe. C: remedy.
D: transport.

9. anomaly (n.) - A: unnamed quality. B: likeness.
C: response. D: abnormality.

10. contravention (n.) - A: anarchy. B: deception.
C: political gathering. D: violation.

11. feckless (adj.) - A: faithless. B: relaxed.
C: ineffective. D: without a fault.

12. pan- - a prefix meaning A: part. B: around. C: all.
D: against.

13. rapport (n.) - A: detailed account. B: sympathetic
relationship. C: period of tension. D: completion.

14. brassy (adj.) - A: bold. B: hardheaded. C: sensitive.
D: highly visible.

15. murky (adj.) - A: unclear. B: harsh. C: conspiring.
D: borderline.

16. stanch (v.) - A: to reinforce. B: be weak. C: smooth
out. D: put an end to.

17. guise (n.) - A: outward appearance. B: superficiality.
C: normal procedure. D: slyness.

18. skittish (adj.) - A: amusing. B: jumpy. C: sliding.
D: inconclusive.

19. sui generis (adj.) - A: unique. B: suitable. C: out-
dated. D: of one people.

20. belated (adj.) - A: complaining. B: offhand. C: weak.
D: tardy.

Answers below!

We're 'T&H':

The Worlds of Opportunities Answers are:

1. ethic - A: Standard of behavior; set of moral, personal
or cultural values; as, a work ethic. Greek ethikos

2. plague - B: To harass, trouble, vex, torment mentally;
as, The company has been plagued by a shortage of money.
Latin plaga (wound, affliction).

3. battery - C: Group of similar objects used together for
a common purpose; as, a battery of restrictions. French
battre (to beat).

4. renege - D: To back out; not keep one's promise or word;
as, If one country reneges on an agreement, should the
other? Latin re- (again) and negare (to deny).

5. fait accompli - D: Accomplished fact; thing already done;
as, The plan for joint production of the FSX plane is a fait
accompli. French.

6. stagflation - B: An economic slowdown when inflation
occurs, unemployment rises and business activity declines.

7. scuttle - B: To abandon; withdraw from an undertaking;
as, to scuttle hopes for a multinational pact. Spanish
escotilla (hatchway).

8. procure - A: To obtain or bring about by effort or a
scheme; as, Equipment was procured from local manufacturers.
Latin procurare (to take care of).

9. anomaly - D: Abnormality; deviation from the expected;
irregularity; as, Cuba's hard-line communism is now an ano-
maly. Greek anomalia (inequality).

10. contravention - D: Violation; opposition; as, The agree-
ment was a contravention of free-trade principles. Latin
contra- (against) and venire (to come).

11. feckless - C: Ineffective; irresponsible; incompetent;
as, feckless economic policies of the socialists. Scottish
feck (effect) and English -less (without).

12. pan- - C: A combining prefix meaning all, every,
universal; as, Pan-American; a Pan-European operation.

13. rapport - B: Sympathetic relationship; as, growing
rapport between former enemies. French (harmony, agreement).

14. brassy - A: Shamelessly bold; insolent; impudent; as,
innovative ideas from that brassy economist. From English

15. murky - A: Unclear, confused; vague; as, The marketing
strategy seems murky. Also, dark; gloomy. Middle English

16. stanch - D: To put an end to; stop a flow of blood or
resources; as, America's low savings rate must rise to
stanch reliance on credit. Middle English stanchen.

17. guise - A: Outward appearance, aspect or manner; as,
seeing Hungary in a new guise. Also, pretense. French.

18. skittish - B: Jumpy, easily frightened; unpredictable;
as, the skittish bond market. Dialectal English.

19. sui generis - A: Unique; unparalleled; having no equal;
as, Due to revolutionary political changes, the economic
situation in Eastern Europe is sui generis. Latin (of its
own kind).

20. belated - D: Tardy; delayed; coming too late; as, In a
belated decision, the Germans adopted the policy. English
be- (completely) and late.

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