After eight days of backpacking with my wife Linda, we were looking pretty scruffy. One morning she came to breakfast in a baseball cap, her shoulder length hair sticking out at odd angles.

"Terry," she said, "does my hair make me look like a water buffalo?"

I thought for a moment, then said, "If I tell you the truth, do you promise not to charge?"


A German farmer with relatives in the US promised them some fresh pork sausages made by hand from his very own stock of pigs. But as the weeks went by they gave him a call to complain that the package had not yet arrived.

He told them, "Don't worry. The wurst is yet to come."

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The Roman emperor Diocletian, following an edict in 303 A.D.,
failed to stamp the Bible out. The French Revolution could not
crush it with secular philosophy (Rousseau, one of its heroes,
converted to Christianity). The Communists failed to stamp it
out with atheism and political ideology. One might well ask why
this book has been banned, burned, and bludgeoned with such
animosity and scorn. The great Reformation hero John Calvin
responds in this way: "Whenever people slander God's word.
they show they feel within its power, however unwillingly or
reluctantly." - Joe Boot

To find out how you can begin a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ, please call:

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Wist u dat de God van u houdt?

Avez-vous su que Dieu vous aime?
Wußten Sie, daß Gott Sie liebt?
Avete saputo che il dio li ama?
Você soube que o deus o ama?
¿Usted sabía que el dios le ama?

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Pet Store Visit!

A UNC* student walked into the 
pet store and, after looking  up 
and down the aisles, asked the 
sales clerk for help.

"I'd like a box of birdseed," 
said the lady. "For which kind
of bird?" he asked helpfully.

"Oh, I don't know," she replied. 
"Whichever one will grow
the fastest."

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for additional pertinent
& germane information.

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UNC Football!

The UNC* football team was placed 
in a remedial English class.

The professor asked the class, 
"Does anyone know what comes
after a sentence?"

All of the players raised their hands.

"The appeal!" they shouted with Tarheel pride.

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for additional pertinent
& germane information.

UNC Exam Question!

What has 2 arms, 2 wings, 2 tails,
3 heads, 3 bodies, and 8 legs?

*Answer is located in "comments"
for your convenience & felicity.

Diet Rules For Cheaters!

1. If you eat something and no one 
sees you eat it, it has no calories.

2. If you drink a diet soda with a 
candy bar, the calories in the candy 
bar are cancelled out by the diet soda.

3. When you eat with someone else, 
calories don't count if you don't eat 
more than they do.

4. Food used for medicinal purposes 
NEVER count, such as hot chocolate, 
toast and Sara Lee Cheesecake.

5. If you fatten up everyone else 
around you, then you look thinner.

6. Movie related foods (Milk Duds, 

Buttered Popcorn, Junior Mints, Red 
Hots, Tootsie Rolls, etc.) do not have
additional calories because they are 
part of the entertainment package 
and not part of one's personal fuel.

7. Cookie pieces contain no fat--
the process of breaking causes fat 

8. Things licked off knives and spoons 
have no calories if you are in the 
process of preparing something. 
Examples are peanut butter on a 
knife making a sandwich and ice 
cream on a spoon making a sundae.

9. Foods that have the same color 
have the same number of calories. 
Examples are: spinach and pistachio 
ice cream; mushrooms and white chocolate.

10. Foods that are frozen have no 
calories because calories are units 
of heat. Examples are ice cream, 
frozen pies, and popsicles.

NOTE: Chocolate is a universal color 
and may be substituted for any other 
food color.

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UNC Watch Dogs!

A girl was visiting her UNC friend 
and noticed she had acquired two 
new dogs, and asked her what their 
names were.

The UNC student responded by 
saying that one was named Rolex 
and one was named Timex.

Her friend said, "Whoever heard 
of someone naming dogs something 
like that?"

Whereupon the UNC student 
responded, "What else you gonna 
name watch dogs?"

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It was with great anticipation that I began viewing
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his two Blogs!

The Professor is simply amazing at retelling an
old story in a contemporary manner with exquisite
Classical Music accompanied with H.D. Photographs
& sprinkled with alluring, charming, classy and
bewitching Video Clips! Rather than containing
simply one music selection, the Professor includes
up to four popular music sensations on each 15
minute video!

The High Definition photographs were beautiful
beyond words and supplemented with those was
the most heavenly music one will ever hear! With
a creative genius' ability to carry us around the
globe and to fall unrestrainedly in love with every
beautiful creature shown, the Professor lifts &
relaxes not only our spirits but our emotions as

One may ask why so many beautiful women
are incapsulated into each video but these
are about love & the celebration of pure
romance which safeguards coitus until after
the marriage vows - Something Hollywood
and most media despise! But for the fortunate
few, an intriguing, riveting & spellbinding
pilgrimage of love with one partner may be
actualized for a lifetime! Then & only then

does a Honeymoon become invigorating,
truly electrifying, sensational, riveting
& mesmerizing!

Each viewer may substitute his or herself
into these video stories and become part
of the rapturous novels. The male viewer
becomes the romancer of the beauty within
the ratiocination story while the female viewer
becomes the romanced interminably!

Now with some 500+ videos available, one can
enter the world of musical enchantment similar
to Narnia or Middle Earth with spell bounding
emotional attachment to each world musically
presented. Of special note while viewing each
musical video, it is often nearly impossible at times
to determine whether a photograph or video is
being used during a particular segment.

Each pulchritudinous video tells it own allegorical
fifteen minute novel with statuesque and emblematic
awareness! Remember that his Music Videos are
defined as theater of the mind!

Part of the Genius also in these opulent & ostentatious
videos are not only in the Transitions that change
beautifully in slow motion but the charmingly, daintily,
delicately & delightful photographs & videos that
ameliorate the musical narrative!

Only one with low intelligence quotient or attention
deficit will not be relaxed, cheered & entertained by
these astounding video novelettes. Medical studies
have shown that these videos even lower one's
blood pressure when needed.

This magic world may be entered through the
portholes of the Wardrobe, Narnia, YouTube,
FaceBook or the Professor's Blogs! Enjoy the
musical adventure (and be sure to click the
proper buttons below the screen to view with
your computer's full screen). Oh, and his Videos
when viewed on Apple's new iPad are simply

Phillip T. Yarborough
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