Setting Off The Alarm!

Setting off the alarm while passing through a metal detector at McCarran Intl. Airport in Las Vegas, a traveling UNC grad was asked by a security agent if she had any change.

"Shoot," the UNC grad says, turning towards her husband, I told you we should of gone to Florida instead..... everyone here expects to be tipped."

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Professor Howdy said...

The author Edgar Rice Burroughs used to own a ranch near Hollywood in
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Burroughs was a prolific author with a profoundly creative
imagination. His first published story, originally titled "Dejah
Thoris, Princess of Mars," was published as "Under The Moons of Mars"
in 1912. His first Tarzan story appeared in October the same year.

In addition to 26 books about Tarzan and numerous science fiction
stories set on Mars or Venus, Burroughs also wrote caveman stories,
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The town of Tarzana is a fitting memorial to this man who so enriched
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