UNC Sandwich Board!

A UNC student noticed another 
UNC student walking up and down 
the street, wearing a sandwich board 
that read "Free Big Mac!"

Strolling over with a look of concern, 

the first UNC student asked, "Why? 
What'd he do?"


Professor Howdy said...

A careful study of economics usually reveals that the best
time to buy anything is last year.

No one should live by the early bird policy without finding
out whether he classifies as a bird or a worm.

Sign on a clothing store - Come inside and have a fit.

Professor Howdy said...

*The most eccentric orbit of any planet in the solar system belongs to
Pluto, a ball of rock and ice smaller than Earth's Moon. With its
even smaller companion, Charon, Pluto traces an elliptical orbit in
the outer reaches of the solar system.

When it is closest to the Sun, Pluto is 2.8 billion miles out (4.4
billion km), which is closer than Neptune. But the outer end of its
long path is 4.6 billion miles from the Sun (7.5 billion km). For
all but twenty years of its 248-year orbit, Pluto is the outermost
known planet in the solar system.

The Creator mad Pluto's unusual orbit have an effect on the planet.
When it is closest to the Sun some of the ice on its surface evaporates,
giving Pluto a thin atmosphere probably composed of nitrogen, carbon
monoxide, methane, and other light gases. That atmosphere condenses
into snow when the planet is farther from the Sun. Did you happen to know
that Pluto's Creator was that Babe in Bethlehem?

Anonymous said...

Dear Howdy,

A UNC student walks in to his history class and asks what grade
he got on his final exam. The professor asks him "What do you call a fox
with no ox? The unc student thinks for a minute then says fox with no ox is

Matt B.

≈♥ Nadir ♥≈ said...

Thanks for you comement.
It's Falésia Beach - Portugal - Algarve.

deb said...

Dear Professor Howdy,

I love your site. I wish I had some jokes to swap. Mine are such bombs.

Yers Trewly.

irondad said...

You posted a comment on Musings of an Intrepid Commuter. Just out of curiosity, I clicked on your profile which brought me to your blog. How cool! I'm going to bookmark it.


Alexander said...

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Professor Howdy said...

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