Dr. Howdy Says:

Pneumonia: What you get after you've had old monia.


Professor Howdy said...

After much urging by his wife, a UNC grad
applied for work on a farm. The foreman
decided to give him a try and told him to
milk a cow, equipping him with a stool and
a bucket.

An hour later, the grad returned dirty and
sweaty, the bucket in one hand and the broken
stool in the other.

"Extracting the milk was easy," he explained.
"The worst part was getting the cow to sit on
the stool!"

Professor Howdy said...

When picking out a pet,
keep in mind that to a dog,
you're family; to a cat,
you're staff.

Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard said...

My partner and I pulled our police cruiser up behind a car
stopped on the shoulder of the highway. We got out and asked
the driver if we could help. No, he replied, there was no
trouble; he had just stopped to look at a map. When we turned
back, we noticed that his German shepherd had jumped in the
open passenger-side front window of our car.

"You may think there's no trouble," I smiled, "but your dog
obviously thinks he's done something wrong. He's in our patrol

He laughed. "He probably thinks you've come to take him to
work," he replied. "He's a retired police dog."

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