It's The Law?

Chopped cabbage is 
not just a good idea,
it's the slaw!!!


Professor Howdy said...

Stressing the importance of a large vocabulary, the UNC English
professor told his class, "Use a word ten times and it will be
yours for life."

In the back of the room a pert sophomore closed her eyes and
was heard chanting under her breath: "Fred, Fred, Fred,
Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred."

Professor Howdy said...

Why is it when you turn on the TV you see ads for
telephone companies, and when you turn on the radio you
hear ads for TV shows, and when you get put on hold on the
phone you hear a radio station?

Professor Howdy said...

One of the reasons for the success of the internet is its open,
peer-to-peer nature. All computers on the internet are equal,
and in the past it hasn't mattered whether your computer is
a 386 in Nguru on the end of a satellite phone or a big monster
in a New York rack. If that ever changes, I think we will lose
part of the essential, vital character of the internet.
(Doug Winter)

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Men and women live on the brink of mysteries and harmonies
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latch they die outside. GK Chesterton

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