Müder Musiker!

A musician is hot and tired 
after the gig, so he pulls into 
the 7-11 to get a cold drink. 

While he's buying his slurpee, 

he suddenly realizes that he's  
spaced out -- the accordion
is in the back seat, in full view!

He rushes out of the store... 

but it's too late. 

Someone has already broken 

the car window and...

***See what happens in "comments"...


Professor Howdy said...

A musician is hot and tired after the gig, so he pulls
into the 7-11 to get a cold drink. While he's buying
his slurpee, he suddenly realizes that he spaced
out -- the accordion is in the back seat, in full view!

He rushes out of the store... but it's too late. Someone
has already broken the car window.......

and left another accordion.

Professor Howdy said...


A freezer for Eskimos.
AC adapter for solar calculators.
Air-Bag Motorcycle jacket.
Battery powered battery charger.
Battery-operated nuclear power plants.
Blinker Fluid.
Braille Drivers' Manual
Cat flap for the fridge

Professor Howdy said...

Trickle-Down Theology
Betsy Childs

If you asked most of the population whether or not theology was important
to them, the vast majority would say no. Unfortunately, I have a feeling
that the answer of the majority of self-proclaimed Christians might not be
all that different. Theology is perceived as an academic discipline with
little relevance to the pressing needs of our lives. But this perception
disregards the fact that every human being has a theology, whether
or not they realize it, and that our theology affects everything we do.

Theology is, quite simply, the study of God and the resulting beliefs.
Though many may have never intentionally set out to study God, they have
nevertheless come to some conclusions about Him. You don't need to study
gravity to make deductions about it; all you need to do is fall out of
your bed. And just as the truths we intuit about the laws of gravity
affect how we walk, run, fly, or set the table for dinner, the beliefs we
have about God (whether they be true or not) have a trickle-down effect
that influences every decision we make.

A. W. Tozer writes, "What comes into our minds when we think about God is
the most important thing about us.... For this reason, the gravest
question before the Church is always God Himself, and the most portentous
fact about any man is not what at a given time he may say or do, but what
he in his deep heart conceives God to be like."(1)

Pause and think about that statement for a moment. All those things that
seem important--your reputation, the way you spend your time, your
political views--pale in comparison to the importance of what you believe
about God in your heart of hearts. Not only that, but how you handle all
of those other secondary things depend upon what you think about God. Is
He good, or is He out to trick us? Is He merciful or capricious? Are his
ways arbitrary and purposeless, or is He able bring blessing out of even
the deepest pain?

You may consider yourself a student of theology. You may have a
well-developed, intellectual framework for understanding your creator.
But this isn't the only kind of studying you have done. Every person's
understanding of God has also been shaped (and misshaped) by their
experiences and relationships. Some people have a misshapen idea of God
because Christians have hurt them; some draw their conception of God from
their relationship with their own father. Regardless of what your
experience has been, each of us has a heart theology that we live by,
which doesn't always line up with the intellectual view of God to which we

Consider spending some time examining your own "heart theology." What
comes into your mind when you think about God? Where did that come from?
How is it trickling down into your thoughts and actions?

We each have a need to ask these questions on a regular basis. We also
have a need to truly commune with God, so that our thoughts of Him will be
shaped by real interactions with Him. You may not feel like you have time
to just be in the presence of God, conversing with Him in prayer and
meditating on his word, but you may find yourself desperate to make time
when you realize that your conception of God influences whether you yell
at your kids or speak tenderly to them, whether you anxiously lie awake at
night or sleep peacefully, whether you destroy most of your relationships
or build lasting friendships. No one likes to be misunderstood. We were
made by a God who wants to be known, and He wants to be known by you.

Betsy Childs is associate writer at Ravi Zacharias International
Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia.

(1) A. W. Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy, (New York:
HarperCollins, 1961), 1.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM)
"A Slice of Infinity" is aimed at reaching into the culture with words of
challenge, words of truth, and words of hope. If you know of others who
would enjoy receiving "A Slice of Infinity" in their email box each day,
tell them they can sign up on our website at If they do not have access to the
World Wide Web, please call 1-877-88SLICE (1-877-887-5423).

Professor Howdy said...

Postmodern Mischief

Chuck Colson

Well, it may finally be time to send for the guys with the white coats to wrap me up and cart me off.

It used to be, in the old days, that the biggest decision new parents had to make was the name of their baby. The one thing they didn't have to decide was the kid's sex—that decision had been made for them, all they have to do is take a peek. That would be that.

Well, not any more, at least not in New York City.

You see, under a proposed Board of Health rule, "people born in the city would be able to change the documented sex on their birth certificates." They would need only to provide "affidavits from a doctor and a mental health professional laying out why their patients should be considered members of the opposite sex." They would also have to promise that "their proposed change would be permanent."

The proposed rule isn't aimed at people who have had "sex-change surgery." They are already permitted to do this. Instead, it's directed at people who "had lived in their adopted gender for at least two years . . . "

Read those words carefully: adopted and especially gender, instead of sex. It is a big hint that there's some major postmodern mischief at work here. "Sex" is what scientists call "binary": You either have an XX (that is, female) or an XY (that is, male) chromosome.

But if nature can't be twisted and shaped to suit our ideological predilections, words, especially in the hands of postmodern vandals, can be. If the goal is to separate "anatomy from what it means to be a man or a woman," then the use of the word gender is a must.

You see, "transgender" activists can get away with saying that gender is just "socially constructed" and more than "the sum of one's physical parts" because gender is a word that most people don't regularly use.

Substituting an obscure word, in this case, gender, for the more common one, sex, is intended to confuse and obscure. It's the kind of verbal tactic George Orwell, in "Politics and the English Language," compared to a cuttlefish squirting ink to confuse its predators.

Of course, what makes this squirting necessary is the denial of the obvious: "Living as a woman," whatever that means, no more makes you a woman than hiding a pot of gold makes you a leprechaun.

These verbal parlor games may wow them in the faculty lounge, but nature is unimpressed. They remind me of the hoax perpetrated by physicist Alan Sokal. He submitted a paper to a leading postmodern journal filled with postmodern gibberish like "physical 'reality' . . . is at bottom a social and linguistic construct."

After the paper was published, he revealed the hoax, that it was all gibberish, adding that those who believe that physics really is a "social construct" should test their beliefs from his twenty-first floor window.

Christians should not be shocked at any of this. Romans 1 tells us that God's truth is made plain in creation, and to deny this truth—in this case, "male and female created He them"—is to exchange the truth for lie, which Paul illustrates by an example of men lying with men, in other words, rejecting their God-given gender, which is a challenge to God's created order. Well, today we have renewed that old lie—that we can create ourselves the way we want, and peeking doesn't make any difference.

Professor Howdy said...

I get no kick from champagne.
Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all,
So tell me why should it be true
That I get a kick out of you?

Some like the perfume in Spain
I'm sure that if I took even one sniff
That would bore me terrific'ly too
Yet I get a kick out of you.

I get a kick ev'rytime I see
You standing there before me.
I get a kick though it's clear to me
You obviously don't adore me.
I get no kick in a plane,
Flying too high with some guy in the sky
Is my idea of nothing to do,
Yet I get a kick out of you.

Professor Howdy said...

Does anybody now doubt that this is on purpose? I mean, after all, Barack Obama inherits a AAA credit rating from George W. Bush, and look what he does to it. Obama is always running around complaining and whining and moaning about all that he inherited from George W. Bush. Well, he inherited a AAA credit rating, an unemployment rate of 5.7%. Does anybody doubt that this is on purpose? The United States has never been in this position -- and the next thing that's gonna happen is that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and others are going to be downgraded.

What are the Democrats doing? Blaming the referees! Blaming Standard & Poor's! That always changes the outcome, doesn't it? Blame the refs.

So go ahead and blame Standard & Poor's all you want, Democrats. Now they're blaming the military! Barney Frank's blaming the military. Rumsfeld was on our DC affiliate this morning, WMAL. You know our military spending is 4% of GDP right now? Military spending is 4% of GDP. During the Eisenhower administration in the fifties, post the WWII, defense spending was 10% of GDP. Today it's 4% of GDP, and Barney Frank and the Democrats are try to say it's the military's fault that we've been downgraded.

This is the fault of the Democrat Party. - R.L.

Professor Howdy said...

There's a Goldmine Of Romantic Music
that is in the process of being LOST
forever. Music written in the first half
of the Last Century offers Romance,
Beauty & Great Lyrics that incorporates
a Happy, Uplifting & Positive Worldview
that is quite rare today.

The Music in this 15 Minute Video offers
you unrealized Romantic Beauty yet with
a Contemporary Story that your mind
composes as it views the High Definition
Photographs and Captivating Videos!

This Elegant & Enticing Music was first
recorded on 33 1/3 Phonographs, transferred
to Cassette Tape, then C.D.s and finally
to my Computer so the quality is not

Perhaps one day, others will discover
this Enchanting Treasure and this music
will become more available on the Internet.
Even better would be if new Mantovanis,
Percy Faiths, Norman Luboffs, Arthur
Fiedlers, etc. would discover and record
with a fresh talent true to the original
intent these Romantic and Rapturous

To View Any of These Music Video:


As the alluring & angelic music from the past
swells, compliments, and enhances each HD
Picture/Video with melodious beauty, the Holy
Spirit - when allowed - overwhelms the marvelous
as well as the mundane in our continuance and
changes our existence (no matter our sordid past)
by transforming our very lives, beings & personhood
along with our status with the One True God of the
Bible, when we follow this path:

1) For ALL (Americans, Muslims, Jews,
Catholics, Hindus, Buddhist, Asians,
Presbyterians, Europeans, Baptist,
Brazilians, Mormons, Methodist,
French, etc.) have sinned & fall
short of the glory of God.

2) For the wages of above (see #1)
are DEATH (Hell, eternal separation
from God, & damnation) but the Gift
(free & at no charge to you) of God
(Creator, Jehovah, & Trinity) is
Eternal Life (Heaven) through
(in union with) Jesus Christ
(God, Lord, 2nd Person of the
Trinity, Messiah, Prince of
Peace & Savior of the World).

3) For God so greatly loved & dearly
prized the world (Americans, Muslims,
Jews, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhist,
Asians, Presbyterians, Europeans,
Baptist, Brazilians, Mormons,
Methodist, French, etc.) that
He even gave up His only begotten
(unique) Son, that whosoever (anyone,
anywhere, anytime - while still living)
believes (trust in, relies on, clings to,
depends completely on) Him shall
have eternal (everlasting) life (heaven).

4) Jesus said: "I am THE WAY, THE TRUTH,
& THE LIFE. No one (male/female - American,
Muslim, Jew, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist,
Asian, Presbyterian, European, Baptist,
Brazilian, Mormons, Methodist, French,
etc. ) comes (arrives) to the Father (with
GOD in Heaven) EXCEPT BY (through)
ME (no other name).

This wonderful loving GOD gives you the choice - - -
(Rev. 3:20)

{Please note that church membership,
baptism, doing good things, etc. are not
requirements for becoming a Christian -
however they are great afterwards!!!}

Jesus said, "Wide is the gate and broad
is the road that leads to destruction
(Hell, damnation, eternal punishment),
and many enter through it. But small
is the gate and narrow the road that
leads to life (Heaven, eternal happiness,
forever with God), and only a few find it.


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