Magic Mirror!

Legend has it that there is a coffee 
bar in Raleigh where, in the Ladies 
Room there is a very special mirror.

If one stands in front of the mirror 
and tells the truth, one is granted 
a wish. However, if one tells a lie
---*poof*------- you are instantly 
swallowed up by the mirror, never 
to be seen again. Soooooo....

A Wake Forest student of questionable 

looks walks into the ladies room and 
stands before the mirror and says, 
"I think I'm the most beautiful woman 
in the world."

*Poof* the mirror swallows her up.

Next a rather large Duke student 

stands before the mirror and says, 
"I think I'm the sexiest woman alive".
*Poof* the mirror swallows her.

Then, a UNC student comes in and 

stands before the mirror and says, 
"I think...". *Poof*


Professor Howdy said...

It seems there was a UNC grad that had an automobile that had
250,000 on it and she wanted to sell the car but was having trouble
with all of the places because of the milage. She had a friend that
she went to for advise whereupon she was told to go the the friend's
boyfriend and he would run the mileage back to a respectable number.
She did this and was not seen for about 3 or four weeks by her friend.
Her friend was astonished to see her still driving the old car so she
asked if her boyfriend had helped her and why was she still driving the
old car. The friend was informed that she was not as big of a fool as
others might be. She would be a fool to get rid of such a swell car with
so few miles on it.

Professor Howdy said...

Sad? Lonely? Worried?



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