An E-Mail To Good Friends!

Dearest Friends,

The LORD is my rock 

and my fortress and 
my deliverer, my God, 
my rock, in whom I take 
refuge; my shield and
the horn of my salvation, 

my stronghold.




Professor Howdy said...

The American people stand firm in the faith which has inspired this nation from the beginning. We believe that all men have a right to equal justice under law and equal opportunity to share in the common good. We believe that all men have the right to freedom of thought and expression. We believe that all men are created equal because they are created in the image of God. From this faith we will not be moved…Steadfast in our faith in the Almighty, we will advance toward a world where man’s freedom is secure. To that end we will devote our strength, our resources, and our firmness of resolve. With God’s help, the future of mankind will be assured in a world of justice, harmony and peace.
— Harry S. Truman, Inaugural Address, January 20, 1949

Professor Howdy said...

Josh was helping Sally, a UNC student, clean out
the trunk of her car. Inside, he noticed a bag labeled
"Emergency Repair Kit".

Looking at it a little closer, he noticed a stick of dynamite
inside. Thinking that was a bit strange even for a UNC
student, he asked Sally what it was for.

She said, "It's part of my emergency repair kit."

Josh said, "I can see that, but why?"

Sally replied, "In case I have a flat and need to
blow up one of my tires..."

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