Shopping Near The UNC Campus!

Did you happen to hear about the 
UNC student who went to buy some 
camouflage trousers the other day 
but couldn't find any...

Για τις αμοιβές της αμαρτίας είναι θάνατος -
αλλά το δώρο του Θεού είναι Συνεχής ζωή!


Professor Howdy said...

At the hardware store where I work in
Chapel Hill, our manager was writing
out a bill when he turned to me and
asked, "Hey, what are these nuts worth?"

A UNC student looked up and said,
"I thought we were getting seven
bucks and hour?"

Anonymous said...

Per gli stipendi del sin è la morte - ma il regalo del dio è vita everlasting!

Anonymous said...

"I got a good tip from my stockbroker the other day. He
said, 'For only 39 cents, I can super size those fries for
you.'" -Jay Leno

Professor Howdy said...

Two kids are talking, and one says,
"Boy, my dad works twelve hours
a day to give me a nice home and
good food. My mom spends the
whole day cleaning and cooking
for me. I'm really worried."

The other kid says, "What have
you got to worry about?"

The first kid says, "What if they
try to escape?"

Anonymous said...

I didn't get it !!
"Get A Life"
Please don't spend too much time in front of the monitor !!!!
I do not know when or where !!
I need time , I don't want to repeat
what happened to me before few months !!!!!!!!

Please, if you are serious about this thing ! Let me find, discover, the path toward you!!

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