UNC Cafe!

"Look at this mess!" roared 
the angry professor at a UNC 
cafe, pointing to his squashed 

"It's just as you ordered it, sir," 

the UNC student waitress replied 

"You told me to bring you coffee 

and a doughnut and step on it."

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Professor Howdy said...

A man was flying from Seattle to San Francisco. Unexpectedly, the plane stopped in Sacramento along the way. The flight attendant explained that there would be a delay, and if the passengers wanted to get off the aircraft, the plane would re-board in 50 minutes.

Everybody got off the plane except one gentleman who was blind. The man had noticed him as he walked by and could tell the gentleman was blind because his seeing eye dog lay quietly underneath the seats in front of him throughout the entire flight.

He could also tell he had flown this very flight before because the pilot approached him, and calling him by name, said, "Bill, we're in Sacramento for almost an hour. Would you like to get off and stretch your legs?"

The blind man replied, "No thanks, but maybe my dog would like to stretch his legs."

Picture this: All the people in the gate area came to a complete standstill when they looked up and saw the pilot walk off the plane with a seeing eye dog. The pilot was even wearing sunglasses. People scattered. They not only tried to change planes, but they were trying to change airlines!

Remember... things aren't always as they appear.

Professor Howdy said...

It's Not One Big One

The human head contains 22 bones, consisting the cranium
and the facial bones. The cranium is formed by 8 bones:
the frontal bone, two parietal bones, two temporal bones,
the occipital bone in the back, the ethmoid bone behind
the nose, and the sphenoid bone. The face consists of 14
bones including the maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible
(lower jaw).


It Confuses Me Too

On 23 September 1999 NASA scientists lost the $100 million
Mars Climate Orbiter because they instructed the craft in
imperial (inches and feet) instead of metric (metres) mea-
surements. It sent the probe, which was set up for metric
data, off course and burning up in the Mars atmosphere.


Poof and It's Gone

A diamond is the hardest natural substance on earth, but
if it is placed in an oven and the temperature is raised
to about 763 degrees Celsius (1405 degrees Fahrenheit),
it will simply vanish, without even ash remaining. Only
a little carbon dioxide will have been released.

Dr. Al Mohler said...

Never Too Young? Misleading Our Girls About Beauty

Posted: Friday, February 29, 2008 at 4:55 am ET

Here is yet another sign of the times. The New York Times reports that even the youngest of girls are being targeted as consumers of cosmetics and beauty treatments. The elementary set is showing up in trendy salons for pedicures and manicures. As the paper reports:

Traditionally, young girls have played with unattended M.A.C. eye shadow or Chanel foundation, hoping to capture a whiff of sophistication. In the recent past, young girls have also tagged along on beauty expeditions by their mothers and teenage sisters.

But today, cosmetic companies and retailers increasingly aim their sophisticated products and service packages squarely at 6- to 9-year-olds, who are being transformed into savvy beauty consumers before they're out of elementary school.

The idea of young girls as "savvy beauty consumers" is inherently troubling. But marketers refer to 6-to-9-year-olds as a "starter market." Television shows like "America's Next Top Model" have become a fascination and aspiration for many young girls.


Reality programming like "America's Next Top Model" often hinges on the segment devoted to a hair and beauty transformation for the contestants, Ms. Skey said. On social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, members' intense self-focus and their attention to how they present themselves also affect 6- to 9-year-olds, even though technically, they aren't allowed to set up profiles on the sites, she added. "We live in a culture of insta-celebrity," Ms. Skey said. "Our little girls now grow up thinking they need to be ready for their close-up, lest the paparazzi arrive."

The tragic story of adolescent girls and young women estimating their own value by criteria of outer beauty and cultural expectation is bad enough -- but now elementary-age girls are asked to join the party? This is sick.

Some observers relate this all to the "KGOY" trend -- "Kids Getting Older Faster." But in this case it is not just a matter of getting older faster, but of being tragically misled about the purpose of life and the truth of beauty.

Here is a cogent word of warning from author Rosalind Wiseman, as cited in the article:

"Mothers and fathers do really crazy things with the best of intentions. I don't care how it's couched, if you're permitting this with your daughter, you are hyper-sexualizing her. It's one thing to have them play around with makeup at home within the bubble of the family. But once it shifts to another context, you are taking away the play and creating a consumer, and frankly, you run the risk of having one more person who feels she's not good enough if she's not buying the stuff."

This raises the issue of parental complicity in this pernicious cycle. Why would parents allow, much less encourage, the sexualization of their young daughters? True beauty is a matter of godly character, not of external appearance. We are setting these young girls up for disaster in more than one form.

Anonymous said...

Τόσο εδώ τι σας θέλω για να κάνω, Θεός που βοηθά σας: Πάρτε την καθημερινή, συνηθισμένη ζωή σας - ο ύπνος, η κατανάλωση, η πηγαίνω-$$$-ΕΡΓΑΣΊΑ σας, και περπατώ-γύρω από τη ζωή - και την τοποθετήστε ενώπιον του Θεού ως προσφορά. Το αγκάλιασμα ποιου Θεός κάνει για σας είναι το καλύτερο πράγμα που μπορείτε να κάνετε για τον. Μην γίνετε έτσι καλά-ρυθμισμένος στον πολιτισμό σας που αρμόζετε σε το χωρίς ακόμη και να σκεφτείτε. Αντ' αυτού, καθορίστε την προσοχή σας στο Θεό. Σας θα αλλάξουν από το εσωτερικό έξω. Εύκολα αναγνωρίστε τι που θέλει από σας, και αποκριθείτε γρήγορα σε τον. Αντίθετα από τον πολιτισμό γύρω από σας, σέρνοντας σας πάντα κάτω στο επίπεδο ανωριμότητάς του, ο Θεός φέρνει το καλύτερο από σας, αναπτύσσει την καλοσχηματισμένη ωριμότητα σε σας.

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