Bank Robber Released!

The Bureau of prisons just 

announced the release of a 
serial bank robber who had 
looted over 30 banks before 
his capture.

The parole board says he is 

completely rehabilitated
and has found employment 
at his home in Prague.

Yes, that is correct. They 

were able to right a bad 


Anonymous said...

Dear Howdy, For some time now I have been
guilty of just skipping (deleting) the T&H msgs.
I must not do that from now on. Yesterday I
laughed so much and that was good free
therapy!! I even forwarded. Thanks for keeping
them clean--- there is really no need to dirty good humor.

Professor Howdy said...

My father and mother walked out and left me, but God took me in. - Psalm 27:10

Professor Howdy said...

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