***Goodbye Forever***

Dear Friends,

I haven't received a comment from
anyone in a LONG time so I quit.

It just means that you really don't
me. I had so hoped to impress
our "Board" with postings from
a lot of different places but there
was nothing...

This is the last posting of 'Thought
& Humor'.
Hope you enjoyed the
fun filled humorous stories,
riddles, and jokes on this blog every
for a very long time.

Nobody ever writes me...

Prof Howdy

P.S. Nobody leaves comments anymore...


Anonymous said...


I did not wish to leave, and tried
to send an e-mail to confirm that I wanted to
continue to receive your side-splitting humour
and healthy faithful advice.

Many thanks for your efforts,

Brian J
Research Fellow
Queen's University
Dept Epidemiology & Public Health
Mulhouse Building
Royal Victoria Hospital

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Howdy,

I was very busy in the past
two weeks.

I'm very much enjoy your
T&H and I'd like you to

I hope it's not too late.

Many Thanks,

Nuanrat. (Thailand)

Anonymous said...

Dear Professor Howdy,

I enjoy reading your humorous blog.

I look forward to reading them also
in the future if you will please
reconsider. With wishes for

Sol K.
Department of Chemistry
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel

Anonymous said...

Prof, sometimes it's not about the pat on the back but more about the action to help others. Its nice to get the pat but we can't expect it. Your good deeds will not go unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

Howdy -

That is the last straw. You fill my in-box with inane material day after
day. If I followed every link you sent I would never get my real work
done. I have been patient with you for some time now, but enough
is enough. Now I see you are giving it up. Well, so be it.

Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

What was your name again?

Professor Howdy said...

Hey you have been doing a good work. May God Bless you and lead you in your mission to share the Gospel.

Regards & Blessing
Sutheesh T

Anonymous said...

Looks like you get lots of comments,
Prof. Howdy. Not only do we enjoy
them, but we pass them along.

Anonymous said...

Not only do we enjoy your postings
(although we did not write to you)
but we also shared them with
others via forwarding e-mails and
printing hard copies. An 87 year
old shut-in located in Huntsville,
Alabama especially liked receiving
these. So sorry you feel you have
to go. Wish you would stay!

John H. II
Peachtree Street, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30309

Anonymous said...

Happy first of April.

Do you have a peom for that to share ?!

Why they didn't put the "14 th of February" in the 1 et of April" and vise versa !! It will be more effective !!!

It seems that you have a good mood today Howdy !!

Anonymous said...

hmmm. i guess i am another of those who never wrote. not understanding blogs, not making time to write, not, not, not... no excuses, yet i repeat the comments. thanx. on the other-hand, i suggest you reconsider. how many people have been touched around the world by receiving a smile or hearing the Good News? how many seeds are planted that the gardener never saw? how many people 'became' someone because of the laughter and gift you provided on your site? believe. trust. life's battles continue. your site is ammunition. it started with 1, then 12, now there's how many? Lord, i ask your strength and courage for the professor. may he feel the joy brought to others. may he continue to go forth knowing it is not by sight, but by faith. let him see and hear, may he be bombarded with affirmations, or may he feel the peace of the joy of those he touched embrace him. thank you, Lord, for the professors time and energy. in His name, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Hello Prof. Howdy
I also have no idea how I came about being on your mailing list, but now that I am there I REALLY ENJOY your newsletter/blog.
Keep up the good work.
Your jokes, word plays, pictures, and editoral are most WONDERFUL!
Thank you
Woodbine GA USA City Council
Ice and Toliet Paper Man Woodbine Crawfish Festival
Volunteer Cumberland Island National Seashore GA USA

Professor Howdy said...

Howdy, Howdy! I don't know how I got on your list, but I do appreciate receiving it, so keep up the good work. There are probably thousands of us "out there" so don't think you're publishing to "thin air" because you aren't! I also greatly appreciate the devotions. Remember where the rewards really come from and keep that in mind. RMC

Anonymous said...


You're the greatest dog around...
and very much appreciated. It's
called being taken for granted but
that's ok, I guess, since we're all
guilty of doing that. You shouldn't
quit yet because you're just this
close to becoming an "institution".


Anonymous said...

Please reconsider - I'll start writing you

Jungle Mom said...

Not really, right? This is an April Fools joke...I just added you to my blog roll last weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Professor howdy, don't despair over
people not writing...think of what
I'm going through...My cat is
fecally incontinet part of the time
(after her surgery); I lost one
class so my income is way down; I'm
facing possible bankruptcy; and my
chronic fatigue syndrome is acting
up badly...please don't disappear...

drdenny2990 said...

I guess I am as guilty as the next because the last few times i have read thru all your great material I only posted something once. It is the busy-ness of life that keeps us from taking the time to thank you, but that is just who we are, imperfect people taking others for granted and not being very thankful for all that we receive in each and every day, you think you feel bad, imagine how Christ must feel when we all pass Him by everyday and never stop to thank Him or show Him how much we appreciate what He did for us. If He gives up on us then what He did for us would be in vain, and we all know that it was not in vain when He died for us all.
It is always best to do something because it needs to be done and not for a "thank you or a pat on the back" and when things are done for those reasons, they are not very rewarding. It isn't that hard to do a good deed without expecting a "thank you" and when we do, it is always very rewarding.
God Bless Prof.
Dennis McFarland, Winslow, AZ

Anonymous said...

april Fool !!

J Peter said...

This BETTER be an April Fool's joke!

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