Eight Levels Of Joy!

*-Your metabolism changes so that you can lose weight eating chocolate.
*-You realize that your kid's report card was really a bad dream.
*-Your computer actually crashes when the technician is there.
*-You bought 2 years ago and sold it high.
*-Steven Speilberg calls your boss looking for you.
*-You haven't put on weight -- your clothes shrank.
*-Your child calls from college just to say hi.
*-The IRS loses your name.

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Professor Howdy said...

There are lightning strikes somewhere on earth 100 times
a second. And every time lightning strikes, it generates
Ozone gas. This strengthens the Ozone Layer in the upper


The Black Ironwood tree (Olea laurifolia) has wood so dense
that it won't float on water.


If you were to build a ship you would be better off with a
type of rock known as volcanic pumice rather than Ironwood.
It is less dense than water, so it can float.

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