New Employment!

I took a part time job as
an opinion poll sampler.

On my very first call,
I introduced myself,
"Hello, this is a telephone
poll."The man replied,
"Yeeeah, and this is a
street lamp!"



(I next asked the man

if he attended UNC
& his answer was 

Google: T3H7P12H


Adrian Monk said...

I have a step ladder.
I love my step ladder
even though I never
met my real ladder...

britney sp said...

"If you'll make the toast and pour the juice, Sweetheart,"
said the newlywed bride, "breakfast will be ready."

"Good, what are we having for breakfast?" asked the new husband.

"Toast and juice," she replied.

Professor Howdy said...


The Jell-O company came out with a cola flavor gelatin for
kids in 1942. It was discontinued the following year.

The San Blas Indian women of Panama consider giant noses a
mark of great beauty. They paint black lines down the center
of their noses to make them appear longer.


Monaco is so small, it covers about 350 acres. Fifty-five
Monacos could fit inside the city of Paris. The diminutive
principality still attracts the elite. The capital city of
Monte Carlo still maintains some royal rituals. Tourists
flock to see the Palace's regal changing of the guard.
Monaco is also a popular tax haven for the wealthy.


Oscar the Grouch's pet worm on TV's Sesame Street is named

If all the OREO cookies sold to date were stacked on top of
each other, the height of the stack would be equivalent to
the height of 9.8 million Sears Towers. The Sears Tower is
1,454 feet tall.

Pieces of bread were used to erase lead pencil before
rubber came into use.

A zarzuela is an operetta of a traditional type, with spoken
dialogue and lyrical music. The word is derived from the
Spanish after La Zarzuela, the royal palace near Madrid
where the operetta was first performed in 1629. A zarzuela
is also the name of a seafood stew.


Spider silk is an extremely strong material and its on-weight
basis has been proven to be stronger than steel. Experts
suggest that a pencil-thick strand of silk could stop a
Boeing 747 in flight.


The petunia and the potato are related to each other.


Western singer and cowboy star Tex Ritter was born Woodward
Maurice Ritter. He was nicknamed "America's Most Beloved
Cowboy" and is likely best remembered for singing the
award-winning title song in the Gary Cooper/Grace Kelly
classic, High Noon (1952).

Adrian Monk said...

We have all read those statistics that sound too weird and
bizarre to be true. You know what? Most of them are. Here
are a few of those statistics which are just plain wrong.

6. You Accidentally Swallow About 8 Spiders a Year.
5. You Only Use 10% of Your Brain.
4. Men Think About Sex Every Seven Seconds.
3. Spousal Abuse Skyrockets on Super Bowl Sunday.
2. You Must Wait 30 Minutes After Eating Before Swimming.
1. Christmas Causes Suicide.

The next time someone parrots one of these myths to you make
sure to tell them not to believe everything they read!

Professor Howdy said...

"Let every student be plainly instructed
and earnestly pressed to consider well

the main end of his life and studies is
to know God and Jesus Christ which is

eternal life (John 17:3)." - The Laws and
Statutes of Harvard College in 1643

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