Shopping Near The UNC Campus!

UNC sophomore, trying on 
a jacket to her friend:

"How does this look
on me, 

on a scale of one to ten, with 
five being in the middle!"


Professor Howdy said...

Woman: He's very successful. I'm sure he's a millionaire by
now, and he's only 26. He never even graduated from college.

Girl*: I'm soooooo jealous. I wish I didn't have an education.

*UNC Student

Natalie H. - Queens College said...

Every morning during our coffee break, my co-workers and I
listened to the culinary disasters of a newlywed colleague.
We then tried to share some helpful hints and recipes.

One day she asked us for step-by-step instructions on cooking
sweet potatoes, one of her husband's favorites. "I've finally
been able to make them sweet," she said, "but how do you make
them orange?"

Professor Howdy said...

"Doctor, can you help me? Every time I sit down I see visions of
Mickey Mouse and Pluto, and then when stand up I see Donald Duck!"

"I see. Tell me, how long have you been suffering these DISNEY spells?"


A few years ago, I addressed a gathering of sports executives from all
around the globe. Afterwards, I was able to interact informally with
several of them, and for some, it was the first time they had the freedom
to attend such a conference. I recall in particular what was shared by a
delegate from the former East Germany. Naturally I raised the subject of
that country's radical transformation with the dismantling of the Berlin
Wall, and asked him how the citizens were coping with this historic change.

He spoke of a deep sense of betrayal, saying "We have been lied to.
They lied to us about the past, the present, and the future. "

For those of us that live in another part of the world, we realize that
such terrible experiments have exacted an inestimable cost in human life
and suffering. Those of us with the great privilege of liberty can only
shake our heads in sorrow for those who have paid the awful price of such

But let us pause for a moment. What about us? To what lies have we been
subjected? On every side I see the neon glare of billboards, promising
that happiness lies in the next car or house. The glowing square box that
illumines our homes for hours each day promises a world of fantasy—from the
lascivious to the lewd—if we will just stay tuned. Politicians promise
that technology and communication will lead to better understanding and
ultimately, peace. Lawmakers promise that innovative legislation will
eradicate racial tensions and crime. Now we are promised that if we would
only get God out of education and remove the Creator from the scheme of
things we will all be better for it.

But the duplicity that has emerged from our leaders has left a generation
of young people apathetic, cynical, and even fearful. During a survey
conducted a few years ago, Canadian teenagers were asked the question,
"What do you wish for most in your life?" The number-one answer was
"Somebody we can trust. "

It seems that truth has become an endangered species with no guarantee of
protection. As the years of our lives pass and the wonder and fantasy of
youth wane, the ever-increasing demand of the mind is for the true.
Aristotle was right when he opined that all philosophy begins with wonder;
but the journey, may I suggest, can only progress through truth. Jesus
said it succinctly—“everything earthly will pass away”—but His truth will
abide forever. Do you know Him, the quintessential combination of wonder
and truth? Ravi Zacharias

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explain to them which is thought & which is humor. They always get it backwards.......

*1938: First Successful Xerox Copy Made

Chester Floyd Carlson, although trained as a physicist, was working
in the patent department of an electronics company during the
Depression. Frustrated by the difficulty of getting copies of patent
drawings, he spent his spare time developing an electronic dry-
copying process. On October 21, 1938 he made his first successful
copy using the process, which he called "xerography", meaning "dry
writing". It wasn't until 1959 that the Xerox Corporation introduced
a machine based on his invention. Now known simply as photocopying,
Carlson's process is a universal element of office life.

Professor Howdy said...


1) A Guide to Arab Democracies
2) A Journey through the Mind of Dennis Rodman
3) Bill Clinton's Guide to Honest Politics
4) Career Opportunities for English Majors
5) Different Ways to Spell "Bob"
8) Dr. Kevorkian's Collection of Motivational Speeches
9) The collected sayings of Harpo Marx
10) Everything Men Know About Women
11) French Canadian Hospitality
12) Bob Dole: The Wild Years
14) Mike Tyson's Guide to Dating Etiquette
15) The Amish Phone Book


*If your woman isn't faithful, you're not alone.
Don't forget that even Popeye was two-timed by
Olive Oyl (in almost every episode, in fact!)

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