Word Puzzle!

It's called "Following Clues," contains words
taken from the book
by mystery writer P.D.
James. How good
a word sleuth are you in
tracking down the correct meanings?

1. pallid (adj.) - A: gloomy or sad. B: smooth and glowing.
C: lacking color. D: submissive.

2. cumbersome (adj.) - A: obnoxious. B: sluggish.
C: unwieldy. D: diminutive.

3. raucous (adj.) - A: piercing. B: undercooked. C: loud and
harsh. D: vulgar.

4. cursory (adj.) - A: obscene. B: crafty. C: mean.
D: superficial.

5. clutch (n.) - A: cluster. B: keyhole. C: obvious clue.
D: small cage.

6. concomitant (adj.) - A: resulting. B: occurring together.
C: fully committed. D: understandable.

7. reticent (adj.) - A: pure. B: furtive. C: reserved.
D: effusive.

8. condolences (n.) - A: congratulations. B: expressions of
sympathy. C: words of forgiveness. D: acts of conciliation.

9. ostensibly (adv.) - A: virtually. B: obviously.
C: strictly. D: apparently.

10. sobriquet (n.) - A: actress in a light comedy. B: witty
remark. C: type of painting. D: nickname.

11. lugubrious (adj.) - A: mournful. B: greasy. C: fawning.
D: slow and heavy.

12. frisson (n.) - A: shudder. B: calm. C: decorative
border. D: type of dessert.

13. venue (n.) - A: recollection. B: meeting place.
C: passageway. D: long vista.

14. recrimination (n.) - A: setback. B: rebirth. C: counter-
change. D: asperity.

15. vicarious (adj.) - A: many and varied. B: doubtful.
C: transitory. D: serving as a substitute.

16. histrionic (adj.) - A: hypersensitive. B: historically
significant. C: uncouth. D: excessively dramatic.

17. derisory (adj.) - A: amusing. B: unfortunate. C: ridic-
ulous. D: damaging.

18. unprepossessing (adj.) - A: poverty-stricken.
B: unimpressive. C: distinctive. D: laid-back.

19. condone (v.) - A: to forgive. B: eliminate. C: regret.
D: advise.

20. rail (v.) - A: to rush through. B: punish. C: attack
verbally. D: lament.

*Answers are located in "comments"
for your convenience & felicity.


Professor Howdy said...

Here are the answers to the word puzzle:

1. pallid - C: Lacking color, vitality or interest; as, "He
recalled Blaney's pallid and innocuous watercolors." Latin

2. cumbersome - C: Unwieldy; as, "her cumbersome shoulder
bag flapping against her ribs." Old French combrer (to

3. raucous - C: Loud and harsh; rowdy; as, "the raucous beat
of the music." Latin raucus (hoarse).

4. cursory - D: Superficial; hasty; as, "a cursory glance at
the serial killer." Latin currere (to run).

5. clutch - A: A cluster, group or bunch; as, "a clutch of
chief constables." Old Norse klekja (to hatch).

6. concomitant - B: Occurring together; accompanying; as,
"Success has its concomitant disadvantages." Latin
concomitari (to follow).

7. reticent - C: Reserved; not speaking openly or revealing
one's thoughts. Latin reticere (to be silent).

8. condolences - B: Expressions of sympathy or comfort; as,
"a formal visit of condolence." Latin com- (with) and dolere
(to grieve).

9. ostensibly - D: Apparently but not necessarily so; as,
Ostensibly he was there to teach. Latin ostendere (to show).

10. sobriquet - D: Nickname; an assumed, often humorous name;
as, "a sobriquet both childish and basically unsuitable."

11. lugubrious - A: Mournful or sad, especially in an
exaggerated way; as, "a look of lugubrious disapproval."
Latin lugere (to bewail).

12. frisson - A: A shudder or shiver arising from fear, joy,
excitement; as, "an agreeable frisson of terror." French.

13. venue - B: Meeting or gathering place. Also, location
for a trial. French, from venir (to come).

14. recrimination - C: Counterchange; as, "Friendship there
could deteriorate into gossip, recriminations and betrayal."
Latin re- (again) and criminari (to accuse).

15. vicarious - D: Serving as a substitute; as, "a brief,
vicarious immortality." Latin vicarius.

16. histrionic - D: Excessively dramatic; as, "He beat his
hands against the door. It seemed a histrionic gesture."
Latin histrio (actor).

17. derisory - C: Expressing mockery or contempt; ridiculous;
as, What you pay [in rent] is derisory. It doesn't even
cover repairs." Latin deridere (to laugh).

18. unprepossessing - B: Unimpressive; not especially
attractive; as, "a particularly unprepossessing face." Latin
in- (not) and possidere (to possess).

19. condone - A: To forgive or overlook a wrongdoing; as, a
man "who had never supposed that the evil of the world
should be condoned." Latin condonare.

20. rail - C: To attack with harsh or insulting language;
complain; as, "She railed at me like a woman possessed."
Latin ragere (to bray).

Ron Hutchcraft - AWWY said...

I checked the bread drawer again the other morning. It's still
there - not the bread drawer - I mean, the smell! See, our daughter was
visiting, and she put a bagel order in with her aunt. She said, "I want an
onion bagel!" See, somehow that onion bagel spent a few days in that bread
drawer before it finally disappeared. Oh, the bagel's gone, but the smell is
not! No, no, in fact, the taste isn't even gone. That little round stinker
flavored every bagel in the drawer. They all taste like onion bagels now. I
even had a bag of Starburst candies in the bread drawer. Even they taste
like the onion bagel. Who would have guessed that one thing could stink up
and flavor everything.

Well, our word for today from the Word of God comes from 2
Corinthians 7:1, where God says, "Since we have these promises, dear
friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and
spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God." Now, God here gives
us a pretty interesting standard for deciding what you will allow your body
to do or what you'll put into your body, what you will allow your mind to
take in. Will it contaminate me? Now, contaminate makes me think of, you
know, a germ or a bacteria. It only takes this little guy to bring down a
body that's much larger, or for some reason I think of an onion bagel.

See, there's no way to let it into that drawer without it infecting
everything around it. That's why it really matters what you watch, and what
you listen to, and what you read, and who you spend time with, and what you
do for entertainment. Oh, you may think you can contain the trash that they
carry. You say, "Hey, it's no big deal. I can handle this!" But, see, sin is
highly infectious and you don't even know it's happening to you. What began
as a passing thought ultimately becomes a desire, and desire ultimately
becomes a sin you never thought you'd do. That's why the Bible says don't
give the Devil a foothold. He wants you to think about it, then want it,
then do it, and then pay for it. Maybe you're underestimating the corrupting
and contaminating power of just a little compromise. You can't forget a
dirty joke, a dirty picture, a powerful video image, a rumor about someone,
a strong song about something that's wrong. So you can't afford to let that
stink in, in the first place.

You may feel a little defensive about the input that you like, but
just ask yourself a few questions about what you watch, and what you listen
to, what you read, what you laugh at, and who you hang around with. Is it
making me a little harder inside than I was? Am I having more sinful
fantasies than I used to? Am I becoming a little more tolerant of sinful
things than I ever used to put up with? Am I flirting mentally with some of
the things that I know are wrong? Am I finding the good things less
interesting and more boring? Is my heart getting a little colder toward

Consider the power of contamination. You know why? Because in the
verses preceding chapter 6, verses 16-18 say, "I live in you. You are my
people. You are my sons and daughters. Don't touch any unclean thing."
Do you know who you are? Then purify yourself from everything that

Now, I've got a smelly bread drawer and I've got some onion-tasting
candies to prove that a little bad influence can spread very quickly and
spoil everything. If you're letting into your body or your mind anything
that stinks spiritually, get rid of it now. It can ruin what you never meant
for it to touch.

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Wist u dat de God van u houdt?
Avez-vous su que Dieu vous aime ?
Wußten Sie, daß Gott Sie liebt?
Avete saputo che il dio li ama?
Você soube que o deus o ama?
¿Usted sabía que el dios le ama?

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Dr. Al Mohler said...

Welcome to the World, Trig Paxson Van Palin

A little boy with an extra chromosome was born on April 18. His name is Trig
Paxson Van Palin and his new home is the Alaska Governor's Mansion in
Juneau. His mom is Governor Sarah Palin, who along with her husband Todd,
has welcomed Trig as their second son and fifth child.

Governor Palin has already made a mark on the political scene. A high school
basketball star and beauty queen, she was elected Alaska's governor in 2006.
She is often mentioned as a potential running mate for Sen. John McCain. The
Palins' other children include Track, their oldest son, who now serves in
the U.S. Army. They also have three daughters, Bristol, Willow, and Piper.

Trig made news long before he was born, as Alaska's citizens learned that
their governor was pregnant. Then, for the Palins, the story got more

This past December, Sarah Palin was told that her baby was likely to have
Down syndrome -- just one extra chromosome.

As the Associated Press reports:

The doctor's announcement in December, when Palin was four months pregnant,
presented her with a possible life- and career-changing development.

"I've never had problems with my other pregnancies, so I was shocked," said

"It took a while to open up the book that the doctor gave me about children
with Down syndrome, and a while to log on to the Web site and start reading
facts about the situation."

When he was told, Todd Palin quickly said, "We shouldn't be asking, 'Why
us?' We should be saying, 'Well, why not us?'"

The Palins never considered aborting the baby. That means that Trig Palin is
now is a very rare group of very special children, because it is now
believed that the vast majority of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome
before birth are being aborted.

Modern diagnostic tests are driving a "search and destroy mission" to
eliminate babies judged to be inferior, disabled, or deformed. Some experts
now believe that up to 90 percent of all pregnancies diagnosed as having a
likelihood of Down syndrome end in abortion.

Back in 2005, ethicist George Neumayr commented: "Each year in America fewer
and fewer disabled infants are born. The reason is eugenic abortion. Doctors
and their patients use prenatal technology to screen unborn children for
disabilities, then they use that information to abort a high percentage of
them. Without much scrutiny or debate, a eugenics designed to weed out the
disabled has become commonplace."

The Palins would not even consider aborting their baby. "We've both been
very vocal about being pro-life," Governor Palin said. "We understand that
every innocent life has wonderful potential."

She loves her baby boy and is proud of him. "I'm looking at him right now,
and I see perfection," Palin told the Associated Press. "Yeah, he has an
extra chromosome. I keep thinking, in our world, what is normal and what is

Some ethicists now go so far as to argue for a "duty" to abort a baby with a
Down diagnosis. This is an assault upon the dignity of every human being.
The fact that so few Down syndrome babies now make it to birth is a sign
that America is making its own pact with the Culture of Death.

Trig Paxson Van Palin has an extra chromosome, two proud and loving parents,
four very happy siblings, and he will bring his own joy to untold numbers of

He will face some unique challenges, but he has a loving family who will
face those with him. They will learn together the wonder and beauty of a
Down syndrome child and will learn to see the glory of God in his trusting

Mothers Day 2008 is certain to be a special day in the Alaska Governor's
Mansion. What an unspeakable tragedy that so many other homes will have
aborted that joy.

Welcome to the world, Trig Paxson Van Palin. Your very existence defies the
Culture of Death and gives us all hope.

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