He Breaks The Law Everyday!

the bumble bee
shouldn't be able 

to fly, but the
bumble bee doesn't 
know it so it goes 
on flying anyway.

After all, He's famous for 
great and unexpected acts; 
there's no end to His surprises. 
He gives rain, for instance, 
across the wide earth, sends 
water to irrigate the fields. 

- Job 5:9&10

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Professor Howdy said...

Tarantula hawks are named for the fact that they hunt
tarantulas as food for their larvae. It's sting is rated
as one of the most painful in the world. One researcher
described the sting as causing immediate, excruciating
pain that simply shuts down one's ability to do anything,
except, perhaps, scream. The Tarantula Hawk is the
official state insect of New Mexico.


The Deathstalker is a species of scorpion that is highly
dangerous because of its venom. The venom is actually a
powerful mixture of neurotoxins. Although, the poison
would not kill a healthy adult, it could be fatal to kids
and the elderly. Ironically, a component of the venom has
the potential to cure human brain tumors while the other
toxins may help against diabetes.


A bite from a Bullet ant will not kill you, but you will
never forget it. The Bullet ant (thus named because a bite
feels like being shot) inflicts the most painful bite of
any creature known to man. It is described as causing waves
of burning, throbbing, all-consuming pain that continues
unabated for up to 24 hours.

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