Shoe Store Visit!

A UNC grad walks into 
a shoe store, and tries 
on a pair of shoes.

"How do they feel?" 

asks the sales clerk.

"Well ... they feel a 

bit tight." replies the 

The assistant promptly 

bends down and has 
look at the shoes and the 
mans feet.

"Try pulling the tongue 

out." offers the clerk.

"Nath theyth sthill feelth 

a bith tighth." He says.

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Professor Howdy said...


1) slabberdegullion slabedr'galien (noun)
: a filthy, slobbering person.

The first part is clearly English slobber, but the rest
is less certain. It might be cullion, an old word for a
testicle (it's related to French couillon and Spanish
cojones), which by the sixteenth century was a term
of contempt for a man.

"...called them prattling gabblers, lickorous gluttons,
freckled bittors, mangy rascals, shite-a-bed scoundrels,
drunken roysters, sly knaves, drowsy loiterers, slapsauce
fellows, slabberdegullion druggels..."
--Sir Thomas Urquhart's translation of Rabelais'
"Gargantua and Pantagruel"

2) spondulicks spon'duliks (noun)
: money, cash

Spondulicks derives from Greek spondulikos, from
spondulos, a species of shell once used as money.

"My friend the Senior got out of spondulix, and borrowed
[my watch] to spout for the purpose of bucking the Tiger"
(to interpret, his friend had run out of money and pawned
the watch to get some more cash in order to gamble on
cards, probably faro).
--"Vanity Fair," 1806

Howdy's Example: "You slabberdegullion - give me
all your spondulicks!"
(This would be a great line for a "B" movie.)

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