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Professor Howdy said...

There's a Goldmine Of Romantic Music
that is in the process of being LOST
forever. Music written in the first half
of the Last Century offers Romance,
Beauty & Great Lyrics that have a
Happy, Uplifting & Positive Worldview.

The Music in this Ten Minute Video offers
you unrealized Romantic Beauty yet with
a Contemporary Story that your mind
composes as it views the High Definition
Photographs and Captivating Videos!

This Elegant & Enticing Music was first
recorded on 33 1/3 Phonographs, transferred
to Cassette Tape, then C.D.s and finally
to my Computer so the quality is not

Perhaps one day, others will discover
this Enchanting Treasure and this music
will become available on the Internet.
Even better would be if new Mantovanis,
Percy Faiths, Norman Luboffs, etc. would
discover and record with a fresh talent
true to the original intent these Romantic
and Rapturous Delights!

Rediscover It Now:

Professor Howdy said...

My YouTube Music Videos:

Professor Howdy said...

Professor Howdy's YouTube Video Comments:

~The World I Used To Know:

*this video touched me beyond words.......special memories of a lover
since soul mate and never were words so true....thank
you for this version.


~Blue Danube Waltz:

*Music to listen to forever! Very nice video!

*you have made the world see that the magic of music is timeless
thank you Gary :--)


~America The Beautiful:

*America.....the country that will never taste defeat......the cherry on
top of the world.....the founders of freedom......the people of good......
the giver.....the lending hand.......the comrade to all......and the people
of justice. i love america, -Jake, age 13

*Awesomely beautiful video! thanks for putting it on!

*God Bless America!

*This is one of the most beautiful videos ever created for "America"!
Thank you! God bless America!


~Two Americas!:

*This is awesome! Its about time people realize this nation was both
founded and its constitution based on the unwavering faith of its founding
fathers. God bless you.


~Once Upon A Time:

*....".but that was long long ago and now the tree is dead"----all that is left
is but a memory and even that is fading with the years.

*I really like this song, and would like toknow who theartist is that's performing it.
(Note: It's Mantovoni & this was my very first video & my most listened to video!)


~New York New York:

*This was cool....




~Summer Dreams!:

*It's lovely.Thank you.


~The Way You Look Tonight!:

*Absolutely !00% brilliant video of (In my humble opinion) of one of the
greatest love songs ever written. Well done, take a pat on the back.


~Somewhere Over The Rainbow:





~Restful Sounds Of Rain - Gentle Rain - Soothing Sounds of Nature -
Distant Thunder:

*Subwoofer up to max.. Sounds lovely. The sun is shining, its summer
and hot as freaking ___. I'm so warm, have a headache and my tinnitus
is a pain. This actually helps.

*I Think we need this... after these days .... L.O.V.E.

*Thank u! This is very relaxing!!! Helped my headache.


~Clair de Lune by Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops:

*love the song. Awesome. The Boston Pops are great

Professor Howdy said...

~The Breeze & I:

*Masterfully Lovely! Many thanks to you, Itsabout... I must share this
with many others... lovely.lovely!! ... jonycuddlesgert...

~beautiful what more can I say..............from veronica


~Gina - A Love Video - With Lyrics:

*When I first heard this song, I wanted to name my first child,
GINA, It means queen, hahahaha!

*Such a moving, I named my cat baby GINA after this wonderful song!


~Relaxation Video:

*Love It! Soul stirring.... download it, plug ur ear phone, close ur eyes,
listen to the beat and forget the world.


~The Milky Way V:

*Just finished watching the entire Milky Way series...Great work.
I always enjoy hearing this narrator. He weaves a grand, sweeping


~Sleepy Relaxing Natural Ocean Waves Sounds In High Definition!:

*amazing....... good night people!


~With A Song In My Heart:

*in the UK this music was used on BBC radio as the theme for 2 WAY
FAMILY FAVOURITES where familys in australia & canada would send
requests for songs & a message. was hosted by CLIFF MICHELEMORE
& his wife JEAN METCALFE &was on SUNDAY lunchtime ; happy memories


~Chicago Is My Kind Of Town:

*THANK you for share with Us my favority American City...The city where
borned my green eyes wife.....Sincerely : Agapito Melorrosas Dimasso. {:>)

*Love it - Meg


~Political Cartoons With Music:

*Love the music ! ! ! !


~His Eye Is On The Sparrow - With Lyrics:

*Love the video, beautiful!


~Shenandoah - Lyrics In Description:

*I did not know this actually existed!. I love it.

*It is beautiful.


~Romantic Relaxation Music With High Definition Photographs :

*beautiful !!


You have an excellent taste in music and is very sensitive to real
beauty my friend! Thank you for the joy! Michael


~Old Cape Cod - Beautiful Music Video:

Beautiful video !!!...take care :o)


~Grand Canyon Suite - On The Trail Beautiful Music Video:

*very, very good! thanks for sharing... =)
I enjoyed it!

*Wonderful! Thank you. This is such a magical piece of music;
pure genius.


~Conquest Of The Air Over Europe:

*Excellent. American air power at it's best.

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