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(Before he was POTUS)

Tomorrow will be muggy, followed by toogy, wiggy, thurgy, friggy, saggy and suggy!


Professor Howdy said...

It's Very Biblical To Compare Christianity
To Romance & Vice Versa! (Analogy
Doesn't Work For Other Religions)

Classical Music fits beautifully
into your everyday life...

...An Attempt to Incorporate Timeless
Music into your Contemporary Scene...

This Music with Earphones on your
iPad, iPhone or iPod transcends
into pleasurable dream videos...

Music Videos are defined
as theater of the mind!

Create your dreams now...
You know how!

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Professor Howdy said...

The girl was stunningly beautiful,
a pure virgin... - Genesis 24:16

Professor Howdy said...

She's a virgin and vulnerable,
and we'll protect her.
- Song of Solomon 8:9

Professor Howdy said...

For as a young man marries his
virgin bride... - Isaiah 62:5

Professor Howdy said...

Presented you as a pure virgin to
her husband. - 2 Corinthians 11:2

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