Injured Army Paratrooper!

Over the Holiday Weekend, I happen to meet a really big man (who looked like he played pro-ball) at the U-Haul Center in Charlotte. Since it wasn't busy, we talked & I asked him about his life (an old youth group leader habit of mine). He told me about being in the Army as a paratrooper & making over a hundred jumps. On his last jump, another soldier hit his shoot & collapsed it causing him to fall about 40 feet in a free fall! He was injured seriously but has since gone to work at U-Haul. I asked if he was a Christian & if he minded if I put his name on our prayer list & he said please do. His name is Robert. He asked that we pray for his injuries as well as a new ministry that he's starting in Charlotte. As it turned out - since his medical discharge from the army - he had gone to seminary & earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (PhD) degree. There was pictorial proof of his claim on the wall of his office at U-Haul.

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