NCIS Staff Meeting!

I had a dream last night that I attended the annual staff meeting at the start of filming for the New Season! It was pointed out that Gibbs was offending Millennial Females by his strong male character. It was announced that he would be a wuss for the season always doubting his instincts & that he MUST always listen to the female cast characters. Even though she was a rookie, Leroy Jethro Gibbs must always now listen to Eleanor Bishop.

With these changes, it is hoped that Millennial Females will watch the Hit Show. This is important to Millennials because they expect to drive their husbands on all outings, be the primary bread winner & have obedient husbands.

Next, it was announced at the meeting that an agreement had been reached with CAIR that no bad guys could ever be Muslims (extremist or otherwise) on the show ever again.

The meeting as well as my dream was adjourned without further ado...

No more scenes like these will be allowed due to their offensiveness to Millennials:

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