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Prof Howdy (spurious or pseudonym?) wrote his first 'Thought & Humor' on July 26,1997 when he e-mailed a few friends a bit of humor. Soon the mailing list grew to over 3 million but to stay abridge with emerging technology, the Professor restationed 'T&H' to his Blogs which have been read in every country by over 9 million people (see Blog Counter).

Prof Howdy may be found not only on his Blogs (be sure & signup for a daily e-mail reminder - top right column) as well as Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo, Facebook Groups & YouTube.

At this very moment, scientist around the world are attempting to ascertain the reasons why 'T&H' is so popular with beautiful women. 

Interestingly, his YouTube & Vimeo post are enjoyed daily by over 47,000 fans & consist mostly of Beautiful Romantic Music Videos featuring Easy Listening 1940s-1960s Music in 1080p!

The easy way to find his postings are to Google 
either T3H7P12H or #ProfHowdy but be sure 
your search also includes Google Images & Videos.

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