An Open Letter From A Dad To His Child About S-E-X!!!

Dear Son, Dear Daughter,

Your Mom & I love you dearly & have from the first time we held you not so very long ago!

You may not be old enough to understand yet but when you are, I want you to know that God created this thing called SEX! It was not created by Hollywood or some rock star but God. He made it as the ultimate way to show/share love between a man & a woman. It is an extremely powerful emotion that can either make a relationship stronger or destroy it!

SEX is made by our Creator - The Loving God of The Bible - for procreation (having babies) as well as the absolute way to demonstrate love between a man & a woman. Because SEX is such a powerful force, it is often used in the wrong way which takes all who misuse it down the miserable road to destruction. Fortunately, the Loving God of the Bible does offer forgiveness to those who break #7 (see below) but the consequences still remain. 

When God gave Moses the 10 Commandments,   #7 was no SEX outside of marriage. God did this to protect us - not to be a Divine Killjoy. It's a little like Christmas Presents - if a recalcitrant child sneaks & finds out what his gifts are before Christmas - then Christmas Morning will be a great disappointment!

By the way, if everyone in the USA (or any other country for that matter) decided from this moment on to obey just that one commandment - the following would happen:

1) Divorce & poverty would decrease sharply.
2) STDs would virtually disappear in a generation.
3) The rate of Abortion (killing babies) would nosedive!
4) Psychologist & psychiatrist would mostly need to find work in another profession!

It is your parents great desire that you marry as a Virgin - an evil word in Hollywood, music & TV sitcoms (never take Hollywood's advice on romance - note how successful most of their marriages are).

However, we live in a fallen world & let me give you some priorities:

1) Marriage at an early age is far better than SEX outside of marriage. No question! If you must - marry secretly rather than going to bed together outside of marriage. Not the best option but a better one.

2) Marriage in college is NOT a disaster but far better than SEX outside of marriage but there will be great economic struggles. Two can live (almost) as cheap as one - maybe!

3) When you marry openly or secretly) commit yourselves 100% together forever with divorce not an option! Your Mom & I used too kid each other by saying: Murder yes! Divorce no!

4) Should you (or your girlfriend) become pregnant outside of marriage, never ever consider killing your child! Hey, that's my grandchild. Adoption maybe but never, never abort!

5) God made marriage to be between one man & one women - no exceptions!

6) Marriage is NOT just a piece a paper anymore than the American Constitution or a business contract  is just a piece of paper.

Now, I've shown you by example & with this little talk how to have a far better chance at a lasting lifetime romance. Go for it!


P.S. More on SEX!

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