Ride Uber Free Forever!

Ride Uber Free Forever!

There is a way to ride Uber Free Forever!

1) Find up to 3 Friends (1 must not have downloaded 
the Uber App to his/her phone). 

2) Have them download the App to their phone
and enter this code: h1f3oue that's h then number 
1, f, 3, small letter o, u, e.

3) Request a ride in any city where Uber is located
anywhere in the world. (Sorry, not valid in North

4) All of you ride for FREE up to $20!

5) When you are ready to return, simple find
another who doesn’t have Uber on their smart 
phone & repeat the process above.

Warning: Once your friends have all used Uber
once, you will need to start finding new friends.
If you are not married & you don’t have someone
in mind, you may meet your future spouse. You
may also meet the person that you go into business
with & become a Billionaire or jointly win the
Nobel Prize for Medicine!



1) You're headed downtown & you don't wish to park blocks away!
2) It's raining & you don't wish to park blocks away!
3) You are going to be consuming adult beverages & you prefer not to get a DUI!
4) You're too old to drive any longer.
5) It's cheaper to use Uber than pay for parking.
6) You wish to meet someone who will bring you back home...
7) Don't have to park blocks away from your destination & perhaps walk in a dangerous area!

Bet that you can think of many more!

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