Facts About Noah's Ark!

1) It took Noah, his 3 sons & probably hundreds of hired workers & suppliers about 120 years to build the Ark according to the Bible.

2) The Bible indicates that the Great Flood came about 2000 years after Creation which would place it about 2000 years B.C. (before Christ) or roughly 4000 years ago.

3) There are many extra-Biblical proofs of a worldwide flood including numerous accounts of a great flood in ancient cultures. Seashells in Kansas & cyclopean animal body dumps (now fossils) around the world (consistent with panicked animals trying to escape).

4) When God brought the animals to the ark, perhaps the larger animals (elephants, dinosaurs, etc.) were babies. The Bible does NOT say.

5) How many canines did He bring? How many felines did He bring! Perhaps two of each! The Bible does NOT say. There is NO room for macro-evolution in the Bible account - the two disagree completely however there is the great possibly of micro-evolution (change within the species). The canines changing within their breed to wolves, great danes, cocker spaniels & chihuahuas.

6) The Bible does say that from Noah's three sons & their wives came the different nationalities & thus the different races (micro-evolution at work but ALL within their species.) A monkey or Ape does NOT have a missing link between it & man.

7) The problem for many in believing the Flood actually happened as a historical event is NOT so much facts or scientific proofs as much as the truth that Jesus compared His Soon Return to the actual historical fact that the Worldwide Flood was an actual event in history.

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